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Exploration Place logo critique

Friday, March 27th, 2009


Critique of Exploration Place Logo.

Exploration Place needs a better logo design.

The concept of Exploration Place is a place for families and especially children to play and learn – explore the wonders of science. So the name is wonderful but the graphic design is devoid of imagination, thought and relevance to the concept of kids exploring and learning while having fun.
The Exploration Place logo design is a poor excuse for logo design or graphic design and adds to the perception that graphic design in Kansas and the City of Wichita is sub-par compared to larger urban areas. The logo design is your basic run-of-the-mill font altered with incongruent graphic shapes that don’t relate to the font, each other or the idea of exploring and fun. Some of the partial ellipses and circles in bright colors make a complete oval or circle like the “p”, “A” and the “i”. Others like the “E”, “t” and the “n’ have severed the circular shape. The “r” isn’t even a curve. Not to mention that none of the bright colored circular shapes even have the same curve. Plus, why is the “A” capitalized?

What’s in a good logo?

Monday, March 9th, 2009

A Great Logo is Unique,  Different.
The best logo designs are distinctive, they are different than the rest. Even the fonts of these logos are designed in a custom manner – it could be a completely new font created or a re-design of an existing font.

A Great Logo is able to Evoke Emotions.
Successful logo designs are able to evoke desired feelings, attitudes and a contextual state of mind with consumers. Great logo designs facilitate the desired corporate image or brand promise to the consumer in the shortest possible time. Every element of a logo should work as one instant snap shot. The font type, graphic image, colors, and secondary branding images should function as one message to the audience.

A Great Logo is Versatile.
Great logo designs look good on huge billboards, on business cards, on black and white fax copies, web design, and even mugs and t-shirts. A good logo design sets it’s own context. It commands the visual space no matter the medium.

A Great Logo is Disciplined.
A great logo design understands the limitations of a logo. A logo is a snap shot of an entire company not a book. A good logo design is focused on the most salient, deliverable and relevant message to the consumer.

A word about exposure.
Most people and “experts” confuse 100 years and billions of dollars in advertising exposure with a good logo. For example, many experts believe Coke is one of the greatest logos of all time. But imagine Coke was a new company today. The Coke script type would be just another average logo in a sea of logos. The name, Coke would get slammed in the media because the name Coke refers to an illegal drug that has killed and harmed many people. But because Coke has spent billions and billions over years and years of advertising and promoting the brand and the logo, Coke is maybe the most recognized brand in the world. Coke is a great brand but not because of it’s logo, but rather because of 100 years of advertising and promotion.