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New Logo Design and New Website Design

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

JunkPro is a professional junk removal business that we completely re-branded from new logo to new website design. The website design allows JunkPro to change and update easily with a content management system (CMS). Our client even can adjust his complex online consumer scheduling from his phone. We also designed and built the JunkPro website with search engine optimization (SEO) for excellent Google rankings. 1-800-JunkPro.com ranks number one on Google keyword search ” junk removal wichita” and number one on Google local listings keyword search ” junk removal wichita”. The website design is quick to navigate, easy to understand and engages the consumer immediately with key information and a simple call to action. So now that our client is number one on Google the website design also moves customers to act.

We can’t thank our client enough for all of his effort and assistance in developing this website.

Logo Design Wichita, the website of Tracy Holdeman and his team. For websites exceptionally branded, geared for search engine optimization (SEO) success and beautifully designed websites call or e-mail us. We specialize in website design, graphic design and logo design. Website Design Wichita.

Kansas City Logo Design Insight

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Laminate Works is a manufacturer of laminated panels and component parts.

Laminate Works produces laminated panels and component parts using the best employees, machines and technology.

This simple logo speaks clearly to an industrial market with bold blue, black and white graphic design. The “LW” in rectangle panels and one corner turned over explicitly explains Laminate Works primary products, laminated panels. The logo is also designed to work as one color and used in a background “laminate” graphic.

As a successful start-up company in Wichita Kansas Laminate Works quickly expanded it’s reach by moving to Kansas City and then added another location in Dallas Texas. It’s headquarters is in Kansas City but Laminate Works delivers products throughout the Midwest to places like Omaha Nebraska, Topeka Kansas, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Hutchinson Kansas, Chicago Illinois, Little Rock Arkansas and Des Moines Iowa.

Laminate Works Dallas and Kansas City logo design on blue background

Laminate Works Dallas and Kansas City logo design on blue background with type

Laminate Works Dallas and Kansas City logo design on black background

Laminate Works Dallas and Kansas City logo brand design

Laminate Works Kansas City and Dallas Texas logo branding

Laminate Works

1200 South 5th AVE., KANSAS CITY, KS 66105 USA T (913) 281-7474 F (913) 281-7473 • 3910 LA REUNION PKWY., DALLAS, TX 75212 USA T 214-905-9113 F 214-905-8032