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Exploration Place logo critique


Critique of Exploration Place Logo.

Exploration Place needs a better logo design.

The concept of Exploration Place is a place for families and especially children to play and learn – explore the wonders of science. So the name is wonderful but the graphic design is devoid of imagination, thought and relevance to the concept of kids exploring and learning while having fun.
The Exploration Place logo design is a poor excuse for logo design or graphic design and adds to the perception that graphic design in Kansas and the City of Wichita is sub-par compared to larger urban areas. The logo design is your basic run-of-the-mill font altered with incongruent graphic shapes that don’t relate to the font, each other or the idea of exploring and fun. Some of the partial ellipses and circles in bright colors make a complete oval or circle like the “p”, “A” and the “i”. Others like the “E”, “t” and the “n’ have severed the circular shape. The “r” isn’t even a curve. Not to mention that none of the bright colored circular shapes even have the same curve. Plus, why is the “A” capitalized?

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  1. by Brian Miller

    On May 26, 2009 at 11:31 pm

    I can only speak for myself and not anyone else at my studio, but I have to whole-heartedly agree with this critique of the Exploration Place logo. Is this a rip-off of the crappy McPherson city logo? Which came first? And on both—WHY?!?!–I could go on but I’ve said enough. Let’s get this logo replaced before it does any more damage! I don’t like to criticize people, and this is not criticizing the designer, only the end product, which we all have to suffer from.

  2. by James Dean

    On July 15, 2009 at 11:43 am

    This is a really nice site. Great designs all over it. Kind of nice to see someone brave enough to mention when bad design is… well… bad design.
    Here’s my two cents: The top half is very poor, sure, but it’s at least semi-visible. Can anyone explain to me why the tag at the bottom is a light colored font in a wave, making it virtually impossible to see and even less likely to be read in the first place? Hard on the eyes and a wash from any real distance. If you can’t read a logo from a moving car, you’ve just lost business.
    Honestly, I used to be accused of making too detailed logos that were hard on the eyes. Now, I’m probably on the opposite side of the complaint department, but nobody has to guess what the client is selling… which pays better. Just a thought. – James Dean, CLARK Marketing Solutions

2 Responses to “Exploration Place logo critique”

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