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Logo Design Wichita, KS – Tanya’s Soup Kitchen

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

The Tanya’s Soup Kitchen logo design is the image of Tanya Tandoc and a bowl of soup in the same image. The Tanya’s Soup Kitchen logo design is a visual metaphor to show Tanya is the equal of a true artist. Tanya puts herself into her creations, her art, her soup.
In the logo design Tanya’s face is the bowl, her mouth is the spoon, her eyes are splashes/droplets and her hair is the steam. All the graphic design shapes and lines of this logo where drawn and redrawn, then scanned into digital form and re-drawn digitally. All the graphic design edges and curves were smoothed and softened to invite the viewer and remind the consumer of how beautifully delicious Tanya’s soups really are.
Tanya and the Tanya’s Soup Kitchen logo design and graphic design brand identity have become interchangeable, recognized as one-in-the-same. Her website design and Facebook persona allows Tanya to share her unique attitudes with her many fans and friends. All the graphic design in Tanya’s brand identity reflects and has become the symbol for Tanya’s amazing personality. Tanya has become more than a proprietor of a sheik restaurant, she has become a food goddess and a beacon for sub-culture lifestyles and attitudes. The early lines anticipating a bowl of Tanya’s amazing soup often extend from one side of the restaurant to the other and even out of the door. Tanya has become famous in the Wichita area and well know in the highest perches of the food industry.

This brand identity video includes; logo design, website design, environmental and print.

oin the attitude at

Tanya’s Soup Kitchen is located at: 1725 East Douglas Avenue Wichita, KS 67211

Tracy Holdeman is founder and creative director of Insight Design Communications, executive creative director of WhisperNewYork. His logo design, brand identity, website design and graphic design work has been recognized with over 100 national and international awards.

Insight Design Communications has been honneres with over 100 international awards for logo design, graphic design and brand identity design.

You can see more of Tracy Holdeman’s graphic design work at Logo Design Wichita

New Logo Design and New Website Design

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

JunkPro is a professional junk removal business that we completely re-branded from new logo to new website design. The website design allows JunkPro to change and update easily with a content management system (CMS). Our client even can adjust his complex online consumer scheduling from his phone. We also designed and built the JunkPro website with search engine optimization (SEO) for excellent Google rankings. 1-800-JunkPro.com ranks number one on Google keyword search ” junk removal wichita” and number one on Google local listings keyword search ” junk removal wichita”. The website design is quick to navigate, easy to understand and engages the consumer immediately with key information and a simple call to action. So now that our client is number one on Google the website design also moves customers to act.

We can’t thank our client enough for all of his effort and assistance in developing this website.

Logo Design Wichita, the website of Tracy Holdeman and his team. For websites exceptionally branded, geared for search engine optimization (SEO) success and beautifully designed websites call or e-mail us. We specialize in website design, graphic design and logo design. Website Design Wichita.

Insight Wins International Judges Choice Award for Logo Design Plus 8 More International Logo Design Awards

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Insight Design Communications wins an amazing 9 international logo design awards plus the prestigious Judges Choice Award for the GooGoo Wonderland logo, a decorative balloon and gift store in Malaysia. As a Judges Choice Winner Insight Design Communications is recognized for creating one of the three best logos in the world for the two years prior. Insight’s logo designs are featured in the full-color hard cover book entitled, “Letterhead + Logo Design 12″, an international letterhead and logo design competition. Winners include design firms and large agencies from all around the world like Germany, England, Brazil, Australia, Russia and more. The full-color, 9 x 11-inch hardcover book features the best logo design and letterhead design from around the world.

Buy the book

Tracy Holdeman of Insight Design Communications said, “It’s quite an achievement for a small graphic design studio like us, here in little ol’ Wichita, Kansas to be honored with more award winning logo designs than all but two agencies across the entire globe.” And to also win the prestigious Judges Choice Award. We just want to thank our amazing clients and the authors, Oxide Design Co. and Rockport Publishers for this incredible honor.

The below logos are the award winning logo designs by Insight Design Communications, Wichita, KS.

Letterhead + Logo Design 12 Judges Choice Award, GooGoo Wonderland is a balloon decoration, candy, party supply and soft toy retail store in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The logo design depicts a multi-ethnic palace where the only limitation is your imagination. GooGoo Wonderland is more than a selection of products and services that bring happiness and good will to Malaysian consumers. GooGoo Wonderland is a place in the mind, a place of surprise, wonder and magic that lives within all of us.

Colorado Premium: 5280 Brand Meats – Top Quality Meats.Mile High 5280 logo design is part of a three tier branding plan of Colorado Premium.1. Mile High 5280 is the premium brand of meats. This logo symbolizes2. Trailhead is the value premium brand of meats. Trailhead symbolizes the start of the trail that leads upwards. 3. Prospector is the value brand of meats. The Prospector is searching and finding value.

Colorado Premium: Trailhead Brand Meats – Mid-Level Quality Meats. Trailhead logo design is part of a three tier branding plan of Colorado Premium.

Colorado Premium: Prospector Brand Meats – Economy Meats. Prospector logo design is part of a three tier branding plan of Colorado Premium.

Holzer Marketing Logo Design: Marketing from Farm to Consumer

Holzer Marketing offers services from farm to consumer and all points in between. We put the farm on the consumers plate to make the point. Also, Holzer Marketing’s specialty is beef, within the beef industry beef is know as the “center of the plate”.

Catalyst Marketing Logo Design: Business Sales for the Industrial Market. Catalyst Marketing jump starts or re-starts industrial businesses with aggressive sales assistance.

The River of Life Worship Center Logo Design: Pentecostal church and community center known for the raising of hands in the worship of GOD.

Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Café Logo Design: Golf Tournament Logo.

Lost Art Development Co. Logo Design: Wholesaler of Home Decor, Garden Decor and Gift Products for Retail.

The Judges

Insight Design Communications is one of the most recognized brand and logo design firms in the United States working from our Wichita, Kansas location with clients from across the country including places like Kansas City, Dallas Texas, Oklahoma City, Wichita KS and more.

Sports Logo Design and Golf Logo Design for Restaurant Chain

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Café golf logo and brand icon by
Insight Design Communications, sports logo.

Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Cafe is a 7 state restaurant chain. It’s concept is both, a Mexican cafe and an Irish bar, the reason for the Aztec stripes and clover in the logo crest.

The Carlos O’Kelly’s golf tournament is no championship. It’s just a fun time for vendors and employees. So we made a serious “Golf Championship’ logo to be funny. Even the colors carry out the joke because they are taken from “The Masters”, arguably the most prestigious golf tournament in the world, steeped in golf tradition and lore.

This award winning sports logo design will appear in Rockport Publishers “Logo and Letterhead Design 12” an international logo design competition.

Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Café chain: three color golf tournament logo with natural background and brand icon.

Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican restaurant: three color embroidery golf logo on white golf shirt.

Carlos O’Kelly’s restaurant embroidered brand icon on white golf shirt.

Carlos O’Kelly’s Restaurant chain: one color golf sports logo and sports icon with Pantone 129 yellow reversed out of Pantone 350 green.

Carlos O’Kelly’s Restaurant logo design: one color golf logo with brand icon using natural kraft Pantone 466 reversed out of Pantone 350 green.

Carlos O’Kelly’s Restaurant logo as a one color logo brand image icon using natural Kraft Pantone

This brand image will appear in Wisconsin, Virginia, Nebraska, Missouri, Minnesota, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana.

Wisconsin logo design
9396 State Road 16
Onalaska, WI 54650-8526
(608) 783-1782

Virginia logo design
2860 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Stafford, VA 22554
(540) 659-9982

2306 Plank Road
Fredericksburg, VA 22401-4902
(540) 373-5436

Nebraska logo design
4455 North 27th Street
Lincoln, NE 68521-4111
(402) 438-4455

119 3rd Avenue
Kearney, NE 68847
(308) 238-0100

1810 N Diers Ave
Grand Island, NE 68803-1233
(308) 384-3045

2016 Cornhusker Road
Bellevue, NE 68123-4422
(402) 934-4963

12930 West Maple Road
Omaha, NE 68164-1873
(402) 445-2301

3130 Pine Lake Road
Lincoln, NE 68516-6018
(402) 423-2033

Missouri logo design
3818 Frederick Avenue
St. Joseph, MO 64506-3021
(816) 232-6010

4100 South Campbell Avenue
Springfield, MO 65807-5310
(417) 890-0220 Springfield is only 45 minutes from Kansas City.

Minnesota logo design
4825 Highway 52 North
Rochester, MN 55901-0162
(507) 282-2590

Kansas logo design

7703 East Douglas Avenue,
Wichita, KS
(316) 689-8800

527 South Ridge Circle,
Wichita, KS
(316) 721-5885

3025 North Rock Road,
Wichita, KS
(316) 636-4343

Logo Design Salina
2259 South 9th Street
Salina, KS 67401-7313
(785) 826-1501

Logo Design Manhattan
100 Manhattan Town Ctr # 33
Manhattan, KS 66502-6001
(785) 537-4688

Logo Design Lawrence
707 West 23rd Street
Lawrence, KS 66046-4405
(785) 832-0550

Logo Design Hutchinson
909 East 30th Avenue
Hutchinson, KS 67502-4224
(620) 665-9885

Logo Design Hays
4107 Vine Street
Hays, KS 67601-9482
(785) 628-9900

Insight Design Communications is a professional logo design agency with extensive experience in developing custom logos for business.

Food Logo Design, Savannah Georgia

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Hunter Cattle Company Logo Design family owned and operated ranch.

Hunter Cattle Company’s most compelling narrative is that it is family owned and operated, nothing factory. It’s a family farm and family tradition. The Hunter Cattle Company logo design depicts the generational tradition of raising and caring for cattle in the natural grass. The icon, as a secondary branding element, is used to reinforce “Natural Grassfed Beef” which is another compelling story of Hunter Cattle Company.

430 Driggers Rd. Brooklet, Ga. 30415. If you want to order some great steaks call: 912-823-BEEF. or email: grassfed@huntercattle.com.

Two color Hunter Cattle Company logo design with white background.

Two color Hunter Cattle Company brand icon with white background.

One color Hunter Cattle Company logo design with white background.

One color Natural Grass fed Beef brand icon with white background.

Two color Hunter Cattle Company logo design with background color.

Reversed Hunter Cattle Business logo design.

Reversed Natural Grass fed Beef brand icon.

Natural Grassfed Beef branding icon black and white.

Hunter Cattle Company professional logo design black and white.
Family owned logo design. Protein logo design.

This logo design will appear in Savannah Georgia, Port Wentworth Georgia, Garden City Georgia, Statesboro Georgia, Booklet Georgia, Springfield Georgia, Augusta Georgia, Athens Georgia, and more. We hope to see this logo design in Kansas City Missouri, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, and Denver Colorado.

Insight Design is a creative logo design company with extensive experience in creating custom logo designs for retail businesses, manufacturing companies, service agencies and more.

Insight Design is known for logo design Savannah Georgia logo design Kansas City Missouri, logo design Oklahoma City Oklahoma and logo design Wichita.

Hand Drawn Logo Design, Steakhouse & Beef Logo Design

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Timberline Steakhouse and Grill, Beef Logo Design, Restaurant Logo Design

Timberline Steakhouse and Grill offers a casual eating environment where rough wood beams meet concrete floors. On every table sets a galvanized bucket filled with shelled peanuts and customers are encouraged to throw the shells on the floor. The Steakhouse logo is designed to capture that fun and slightly irreverent attitude. Illustrated woodblock type angle and tilt along a mountainous backdrop all in a tree branch wood frame. Our approach was to encapsulate the Timberline attitude and give it a focal point, a context to understand the Timberline experience.

Timberline Beef Steakhouse and Grill Wichita, Salina and Kansas City logo design identity with tan background

Timberline beef restaurant Wichita, Salina and Kansas City logo design reversed out of red

Timberline Beef Logo Design Wichita, Salina and Kansas City brand logo design reversed out of green

Timberline Steakhouse and Grill Kansas City, Salina and Wichita beef logo design with tag line

Timberline Steakhouse and Grill Wichita, Salina and Kansas City logo design & corporate identity for beef logo design horizontal version

Timberline Steakhouse & Grill Wichita, Salina and Kansas City logo design for alternative uses

Timberline Wichita, Salina and Kansas City beef brand design for restaurant menus. The menus were actually silk screen printed on chip-board.

Timberline Beef Grill Kansas City logo design for restaurant signage

Timberline Steakhouse & Grill Wichita, Salina, Kansas City and Kansas graphic design for beef billboard

Timberline Steakhouse & Grill Kansas City, Salina and Wichita logo design for table tent with actual log stand

Timberline began in Wichita but the restaurant chain and the brand logo design has appeared in Kansas City Missouri, St. Joseph Missouri, Topeka Kansas, Wichita Kansas and Salina Kansas.

Great Logo Design & Branding #3

Monday, January 4th, 2010

The best logo identities and branding work in black and white as well as color. Graphic design trends are now driven more by computer capabilities than by talent and vision. If a designer can’t draw he can always click simple repeated shapes, or plug in some gradations, or stripes, or dots, or lines. All are easy computer task. But, the most successful brand designs start with a compelling concept that functions well in black and white and small. In other words, the best logo designs work small in website or news paper ads as well as full color brochures. It takes hard work though, there are no computer tricks for that.

Old Town logo • Renovated business and entertainment district


Brad Bachman logo design • Home builder specializing in homes by water


Spring Crossing Cattle Company • Free range beef brand identity design


ComSmart corporate logo design • Communication training for executives


Lost Art Development Co.• Developer of artistic gift products for retail


QuickerTek corporate identity logo design, Wichita, Kansas. • Wireless products for Apple computers


Love Match • Assist singles in finding a love match


Exultia brand logo design • Software design company


My Volunteer Center logo identity design • Community volunteer center, Orange County California


Gear-Up brand logo, Wichita, KS. • Educational program preparing middle school children for college


Physique Enhancements brand logo design, Wichita, Kansas. • Spa, body sculpting and hair removal


Cargill event logo identity, Kansas. • Employee talk radio event


Great Logo Design & Branding #2

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

#2. The ability to design type in any style.

A great logo design studio should have the ability to employ a variety of typographic solutions and the capability of creating a new type font. Font creation can be the key element that separates your logo from the crowd. Scroll down to see examples.

The QuickerTek logo type has a modified font. The stroke weight was increased to achieve a bolder look than the original font. The letter height was also increased. QuickerTek is a national brand.


The Old Town brand type was altered to create a more energetic feel than the original font. The stroke wieghts were varied, straight lines were skewed and different letter sizes were mixed together to give the design a bold, vibrant and fun look.


Timberline’s brand logo typography was designed and illustrated by hand to achieve a real woodcut look. This brand logo design appears at restaurants in St. Joseph, Missouri, Kansas City, Missouri, Salina, Kansas and Wichita, Kansas.


The Foulston Siefkin logo mark or brand image is simple letter forms designed as unique shapes. The clean and simple typography creates a horizontal movement that counters the vertical push of the (FS) branding mark.


The WorkHorse Recruiting logo type is one of those cases where a font straight out-of-the-box worked. The serifs of the WorkHorse type point in different directions. The top serifs point backwards while the bottom serifs point forwards echoing the motion of the circle eight filigree.


The GooGoo Wonderland branding typography is a combination of type creation and a stock font. The GooGoo is created to have the exact same circle shape for the O’s and the G’s. The Wonerland type is a font.


The Cosmetic Cafe logo type is a hand drawn script to communicate a sense of authenticity and intimacy.


The StoneBridge brand type is an old version of Goudy, a classic, old world, font that works well with textural images of stone.


The AgriQuip logo typography is the font Interstate Bold with the “A” and the “Q” altered.


The Douglas Design District logo typography combines two fonts. The “Douglas” and “District” type creates a horizontal visual and the “Design” type creates a vertical movement matching the vertical and horizontal vectors of the brand image.


The Darbuka Brand Perfumes logo type design is a modern American font that has a strong Middle Eastern visual reference. The variation in the stroke widths and serifs relate to the henna scourced brand image illustration and design.


The Tumbledrum logo text is an Insight Design font developed from cirlces and rectangles.


The Arts Council logo design uses Microgramma Bold and Light. “Arts” is reversed out to make a point of emphisis. The alternating black boxes reference the four squares above which elude to diverse artistic expression. The typography is also distressed to integrate with the branding image.


The WaterBug brand type is hand drawn to mimick water shapes and the brand image illustration of the swimming waterbug.


Tanya’s Soup logo type is a combination of fonts that were both altered using Photoshop filters to follow the line qualities of the branding image.


Wichita Ballet logo design

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009


A Logo Design from a Different Perspective.

The Wichita Ballet logo design isn’t about the dancers, it’s about the audience. It’s about how a live performance can change a persons outlook on life. It’s about the audience: buying a ticket sometimes weeks or months in advance, waiting for the day of the performance, getting through the hustle and traffic and finally arriving at the theater, finding the correct seat, reading the program, waiting, anticipating. The lights dim. The excitement is palpable. Then, the first dancer bursts onto the stage. The crowd cheers. The Wichita Ballet logo design is about that moment. That moment from the fan’s eyes and emotions. The entrance. The applause. The wow.

The Wichita Ballet logo design is used on letterhead, business cards, website designs, advertising and promotional material.